Pole dancing and pregnancy – MY personal experience.

It was mid 2008 and Pole classes were growing at a good rate, but that wasn’t the only thing expanding. In April I was to discover I was pregnant with my son, Valentino.
This was a little problematic. Pole dancing, let alone teaching the art, is not the sort of occupation you expect to find a pregnant mum taking part in. Where was I going to fit in? Fortunately, I had the full support of my husband, the girls and especially Emma. So I set my mind on all carrying on regardless.
As it was still early days in the world of pole dancing there wasn’t much research to do. After all, we were writing the rules for others to be influenced by. What is the saying? “Do not follow your dreams, lead them,” Yes, we were trailblazing pole dancing. I broached the subject with my doctor but pole dancing as a fitness regime was foreign to him. I don’t think he properly understood my concerns and he wasn’t much of a help. Just kept telling me to ‘Do lots of walking’ and try not to put on too much weight.
He did reassure me that both me and my baby were very healthy, there was no need for concern and to live life as normal as possible. Great if you are living a normal life. Pole dancing hardly qualifies for ‘normal’.
I neither smoked nor touched alcohol, I ate healthy so I did what everyone suggested I do. I listened to my body. Keeping up ‘as normal’ for the first six/seven months of pregnancy I then became acutely aware of a heaviness and my balance was a little off normal. Time to take stock, so I called it a day on the Handsprings, inverts and the more extreme movements. I was fine with the basics such as spins and perfectly up to it when instructing the students. I also kept doing some the floor based classes and stretching right until the end. Since then there have been plenty of stories, pictures and videos of pole dancing mums-to-be. There again, has been some outcry and controversy over it, but I have yet to hear of a negative outcome? (and I hope there are none) Please note, it is not recommended to start any new sport or fitness activity if you are already pregnant.
Valentino, bless him, arrived a few days late but fine and healthy. All went well with the birth. Well, as good as can be expected. At the time, the birth was still the most horrific and painful experience I had ever been called upon to endure. Although as they say… ‘You do forget’.
While I was in the early stages of labour I took a walk to see my friend Lisa who had coincidentally had her baby a day earlier and had not yet been discharged from the ward. When I asked her how it went she smiled brightly and said “Oh a bit painful but fine!”
She later apologised profusely for lying to me, but couldn’t bare to tell me the truth at that point.
The delivery took all of eight hours and all of it without any pain relief or stitches. And it was it worth it.
I brought our baby boy home on Christmas Eve. My gorgeous son was the best experience in my life and continues to be so. Did I do well? The midwife apparently thought so.“Wow, your flexibility is the best I have seen,” she said extravagantly whilst I had my legs spread in stirrup type holders. True Story! Not the most appropriate of remarks but I am sure she meant well. I did also note that my post labour/pregnancy recovery seemed to be a lot quicker than my non-poler friends that had had babies at the same time. Other than that, it is important to know, I am not qualified to offer advice to anyone who, whilst learning to pole dance or already practising the art, discovers they are pregnant. This is solely my personal story, everybody and every pregnancy is different. Please see your doctor, get professional advice, do some research and listen to your body.

Extract taken from ‘So, I hear you’re a pole dancer?’.


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