The Key to Health and Happiness is…..

The key to happiness and health is….
……..Balance and Moderation!

It’s that time of the year again when people reflect back on their lives, and think forward as to how they can be more happy and, most of the time, healthier in their life’s.
There is however countless articles out there that claim they have the answer to these problems, and I’m sure some of them do, in part. But that is almost the problem these days. The problem isn’t that we don’t have enough; it’s that we have too much! For a start there is too much advice out there to follow and it is constantly changing so can become confusing and overwhelming. One minute chocolate is bad for you, the next it’s good. Same for wine, fats, juice, exercise, and a hundred different things.
If we are taking the subject of happiness, we need to go back to basics and realise what happiness is. It’s a chemical/hormonal controlled emotion within the body. A trigger in the brain causes these chemicals to be released (Eg. Endorphins or Serotonin), these cause a series of effects that eventually reach and stimulate receptors making you feel good and happy. BUT, you CANNOT be permanently happy, this cannot be a continuous process, at some point they have to flow back the other way or get re-absorbed and dispersed out through the body leaving you with a ‘Down’. Now, the good thing is, if you have a healthy lifestyle, one of the factors of which is getting enough SLEEP at the right time, then this happens when you’re sleeping so you don’t feel this down so much. Hence why happiness and a generally healthy lifestyle go together.
Now, the other part as I mentioned earlier is Balance and moderation. For every good health fad out there you will find an article opposing it, most of the time these reports are created for some financial benefit towards one product or another.
You can be the prime example of health in the sense that you don’t Smoke, drink, do drugs, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, exercise all the time, but if you’re stressed to the max and don’t take time out to relax you could still end up with a heart attack by the age of 40. If having that piece of chocolate or 1 glass of wine makes you happy and gives you a sense of well being then go for it, but just consider why you are doing what you’re about to do and ask yourself if it will really give you enjoyment, rather than doing it out of habit (it’s what you always do?) or social pressure (That’s what everyone else does?). They say it take’s 45days to break bad habits or form new good habits, an interesting point to bear in mind. I said earlier you can pretty much have a bit of anything you fancy, however, here’s where the important MODERATION bit comes into it. Anything in moderation is fine, but everything can be harmful in excess. Unfortunately us humans sometimes struggle with this concept. We always want more. A lot of people also have addictive personalities which doesn’t help matters, we get addicted to the ‘high’ of the previously mentioned chemicals from whatever it is we are gaining pleasure from. Also I’m sure we all know by now the unfortunately doing the same thing over and over again no long gives the positive effects it did in the beginning. You’re mind and body adapts and gets used to it, so the journey to health and happiness is a constantly changing one.
Just as an example; I know Juicing has been a big trend for a few years now, and yes, having a juice of mixed fruit and vegetables every day is a good way to get in those vital nutrients. However, if you are surviving on just 3 of these juices or shakes a day instead of proper meals, then no, it is not natural and certainly not healthy.
Exercise; I am a fitness instructor, it’s my life, it’s what I do. Movement of the body is essential for a healthy lifestyle, but, there is such a thing as too much exercise. You’re body can tire out and injure itself if you’re not careful. Unfortunately we live in a very competitive and consumeristic world, pressure to do more, have more, be the best. We don’t all have to be perfect; perfection in itself is a relative term. By all means, read the current ‘advice’, try the latest new concepts, but don’t think they will magically solve your problems and make you happy. A combination of small things with the aim of contentment may be your best line of focus? Some people of a spiritual nature seem to have found the key, but they are specific to say they have contentment, not happiness. They are 2 different, but not mutually exclusive emotions. I’m sorry that I can’t tell you one specific point that will bring you health and happiness, no one can, if they saw they can, they are lying.
So to recap:
– Everything is ok in moderation
– Find balance in your life, Work, family, ‘you time’ (and don’t feel guilty about it) Read, Run, Cook, Take up a new hobby… whatever suits you.
– Continuous happiness is an impossibility so don’t think you have failed if you are not always happy and positive, and don’t worry so much about what other people think. It’s YOUR life.
– Sleep well
– If all else fails, stick on your favourite song and dance like a crazy person around your bedroom for a while! 😉


New year, new reasons to try Pole classes… step outside the box!

I hope the majority of those reading this book will already be seriously interested in pole dancing, or at least be contemplating taking this dance-fitness lifestyle up. It could be that many if not most readers are already involved in this fascinating fun-filled and challenging modus vivendi.
There are so many advantages to taking up pole dancing. Use it or lose it, the human body needs to be agile for all its working parts to function in harmony. If you have a weight problem you will find your weight quickly drops as surplus weight is averse to pole dancing. Actually, I say ‘weight’, generally it’s more of a ‘body mass reduction’ you will see, as you’re body changes shape, less fat, more muscle. These advantages boost self-confidence. You will not become an egotist but you will find that your self esteem hits new peaks. Activities that were once an effort become far less demanding. You not only feel better, you look better. This new you radiates outwards and impress others. When going about your everyday tasks you will find you are better physically and mentally balanced. As well as a variety of other side effect benefits, Increased flexibility, strength, stamina, and generally a better, more lean and defined body shape.
You will be far better tuned to your immediate environment. The new you earns new friends, keep old ones, and makes life far more exhilarating.
Moving on, I want to explain the effects pole dancing or more importantly teaching the routine has had on me. Cast your minds back to when you first learnt to invert. Otherwise, picture the move that you have been working towards perfection for ages. Out of the blue you get it just the way you dreamed of doing. This is the ultimate ‘I DID IT!’ moment. It is then you get the tingling sensation, the adrenalin rush that creates that unmissable buzz. You experience a sense of achievement that is so memorable that it never totally drains away.
Let me assure you, your ecstasy radiates through me too and I share it because I have been there and I know exactly how you feel. I feel it because it is my achievement too. The delight on my students’ faces at the moment of truth is priceless to me. Given a little time I also get to see the transformation that comes over people. I get a rush too from witnessing success that I have partnered. This is just another reason why I love doing what I do and I’m sure other instructors can back me up on this. Over the years I have seen, felt and experienced the changes in students as they go from novice to blazing glory. I have seen students lose weight, watched as the body changes to a glowing radiance. I am often approached by shy, reserved girls who would never say or do anything to offend.
I have celebrated each girl’s restoration of her self-esteem. Such is the renewed confidence they have in themselves that, instead of being fearful or apprehensive about public displays of their skill, they welcome the opportunity to show off. Friendships to make and keep are much easier and much more natural. You don’t make a friend, you become one. The pole dancing lifestyle changes people for the better. I have heard and read on the various social media groups so many inspirational pole tales, how this vertical metal bar has helped girls out of depressions, gotten them over phobias, even helped fight battles against eating disorders. Other stories, such as that of Urban Poleist Danny Charge, who I will mention again later, where exercising on the pole acted as physiotherapy after a severe climbing accident left him near paralysed. If you have any such tales, feel free to post them to me, I always love to hear about them.   Uk Book Orders      US Book OrdersIMG_2254

Hello and welcome to the best Pole book ever!

Whenever I mention the phrase ‘Pole Dancing’ in most people’s minds it automatically conjours up images of naked girls in seedy nightclubs.
But the reality is so much different to what people think. I have been running studios teaching Pole fitness around the world for 8years now and been in the industry for over 15 and it has many different sides that so unseen by so many out there, hence why this year I finally published my very own book, ‘So I Hear you’re a Pole dancer?’. Part biography, part Pole handbook. In it I cover everything from my Leeds roots, to Life on the Spanish island of Tenerife, and the growth of the Pole industry. I also cover a lot of topics such as, Men in Pole, Children in Pole, the arguments between Pole sports and Pole dance, Poling in Pregnancy, Plus much more. The ups and the downs so to speak.
When I first started to take note of my experiences and achievements I had in mind to do a blog, people continuously asked me how I got into the industry. In time I found I had more than enough material to write a full book and so with the help of my amazing editor, I decided to take the plunge. It’s been available for purchase since the end of November and so far the response has been overwhelming. The feedback and reviews have been great and it’s currently in the top 10% selling books on Amazon. Although my original target market were people within the industry I have been surprised with the response from the general public. Even my boyfriend’s grandmother raved about it after she read it.
I hope that it will help to educate people about this amazing art form that is still so misunderstood and also to show that anything is possible if you want it enough. Everyone is capable of so much more than they realise.
‘So I hear you’re a Pole dancer?’ Is available as a paperback or kindle download from any Amazon site, and be sure to find me on any of the usual social media to let me know what you thought of it.

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